SINCE 1956

Over 60 years offering lifting solutions

Gruas Ibarrondo


We started as a transport family business in 1956. The needs and demands of the market led to the incorporation of our first crane, 18-ton crane no.

Gruas Ibarrondo


The personal and professional development of the people who make up Grúas Ibarrondo is a basic principle of our activity.



Gruas Ibarrondo


For Grúas Ibarrondo , quality is a differentiating and global element which is present in all our procedures.


Gruas Ibarrondo


Grúas Ibarrondo carries out its business activity in a responsible and efficient way. 


Technical Department and commercial

Our technical office develops projects and simulations providing capable and reliable solutions and answers.

Our strong commitment to our clients and the high level of technical demand of our business have made it advisable to offer a “turnkey” service.

Collaboration with our technical and commercial department is readily available to our clients, who are offered a global and comprehensive service in the management of their lifting needs.

Gruas Ibarrondo
Gruas Ibarrondo
Gruas Ibarrondo


Corporate Social Responsibility

True to our commitment with the setting where we carry out our work, we collaborate actively with organizations and sports clubs in the achievement of their aims.

Gruas Ibarrondo
Gruas Ibarrondo

We consider ourselves to be a company that responds to the challenges of our present society. An active and solid corporate social responsibility policy which forms part of our continuous improvement philosophy.

We have been sponsoring Apurtuarte Football Club for more than 20 years. It is a historic football club in Vizcaya and the oldest in the Txorierri Valley. 

We are also part of the Athletic Foundation, a non-profit organization which works actively in the organization and promotion of sports, cultural and social activities related to football and sport. 

Likewise, we collaborate with Bizkaialde Foundation, an institution aimed at helping and supporting the sports clubs of Vizcaya to guarantee their participation at the highest competitive level.

Gruas Ibarrondo
Gruas Ibarrondo

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Gruas Ibarrondo

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