• We started as a transport family business in 1956. The needs and demands of the market led to the incorporation of our first crane, 18-ton crane no. 1, in 1970, which opened new paths and business areas for us. It also made us change the corporate name to Gruas y Transportes Ibarrondo S.A.

    This involvement in the lifting business resulted in the acquisition of several 160-ton cranes in 1987. They were suitable for manoeuvres which required handling large public work pieces: bridges, beams and the like as well as manoeuvres at the port: unloading steel and iron goods and concrete structures.

    These years brought consolidation and growth to the company in a setting with multiple business opportunities, which allowed us, by taking over competitors, to become a leading company in the sector due to our reliability and capability. This capability was reinforced with the incorporation of a 650-ton crane into our fleet in 2000. It was the largest telescopic mobile crane in the market at that time.
  • In order to respond to the new challenges and requirements of our clients, we entered a new phase of intense growth by taking over other companies. Thus, GTM Norte was established in 2005 and GPK in 2011. These assets have made us more versatile and capable to deal with any kind of manoeuvres in various geographical areas.

    Simultaneously, in order to meet our own needs and provide support for lifting works, we have been adding some lifting platforms over the years. The fast growth of the rental market gave rise to the incorporation of the company Plataformas Ibarrondo in 2002.

    To complete this business project which had started in 1956, we made the strategic decision of bringing all the activities of the various companies under a unifying umbrella and we created Grúas Ibarrondo. It has an identity of its own which embodies the solidity, experience and capability we have been accruing along the way.

    We continue as the family business that started more than six decades ago incorporating the most qualified professionals to our team by the years
  • Nowadays, Grúas Ibarrondo is a company which responds, which is growing and becoming increasingly consolidated, which can stand up to the most attractive challenges and overcome them with reliability and a forward-looking approach.


  • For Grúas Ibarrondo , quality is a differentiating and global element which is present in all our procedures. We think that this is essential to guarantee the results of our work. A fully satisfied client is, in our opinion, a key value for the future.

    As quality is considered to be part of our philosophy, the companies in the company have their corresponding ISO 9001 quality certificates.

    Grúas Ibarrondo carries out its business activity in a responsible and efficient way. We have established an environmentally responsible policy which affects the whole company.

    Due to our commitment to good environmental practices, all waste from the machinery fleet, such as oils, tyres, filters, etc. is recycled in accordance with the legislation in force.
  • Grúas Ibarrondo carries out its business activity in a responsible and efficient way.

Technical Department

  • Our strong commitment to our clients and the high level of technical demand of our business have made it advisable to offer a “turnkey” service.
  • Our technical department works in close collaboration with our clients providing a global and comprehensive service for the management of their lifting needs.
  • Our technical office develops projects and simulations providing capable and reliable solutions and answers.